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Volume 21Number 1 publication date:March 2008
Teachers’ Citizen Participation in Leseng Sanatorium Event and Its Influence on Their Education Work
    Author:Kun-Fa Hsu
Research Article


This research comes from the reflection of the researcher’s participation in Leseng event. It aims to discuss the beliefs and practice of teachers’ citizen participation and also the influence on their education work. In this article, purposive samples are adopted. Three teachers, who are from Pingtung County Elementary School and participated in the Leseng preservation movement, are taken as subjects. Data and information are collected by the method of in-depth semi-structural interview. Results are revealed as follows: (1) Teachers’ citizen participation is an interwoven development course instead of an improvisational participation. (2)Teachers’ citizen participation can help teachers for their self-examination and self-criticism; therefore they can avoid duplicating hegemony and get rid of prejudice, discrimination and rigid impression. (3)In addition to caring about disadvantaged groups and realizing social obligations, teachers can get inspiration for their teaching beliefs and curriculum design, and to make improvements in their specialty. (4)Interviewees consider that the teaching environment in Taiwan is conservative and not encouraging teachers to participate in public affairs. A majority of teachers have no interests in public affairs and do not care about them.

Keywords: Leseng Sanatorium Affairs, citizen participation, multicultural education

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