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Volume 29Number 2 publication date:Dec. 2016
The Managers’ Experiential Learning of Program Planning in Active Ageing Learning Centers
    Author:Chun-Ting Yeh
Research Article


Planning older adult learning programs is really a complex work. Program planners go through different learning stages and accumulate experiences to be able to undertake the task alone. This study aimed to explore the experiential learning process of older adult learning program planners who work in the Active Ageing Learning Centers (AALCs). Semi-structure interviews were conducted with seven program planners. The findings of this study were identified as follows. 1) Before being a program planner, the participants’ knowledge results from grasping and transforming experience gained from their family, their daily lives and past learning experiences; 2) after being a program planner, the participants’ experiential learning focused on leadership, training in the institute, professional development, as well as involvement in organizations for elderly people; and 3) the participants’ experiential learning outcomes in the older adult learning program planning include: their ability to reflect on the appropriateness and fulfillment of program planning, to apply theoretical knowledge and professional background in the field, and to make plans for future learning and business strategies.

Keywords: Active Ageing Learning Centers, experiential learning, older adult learning, program planning

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