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Volume 30Number 2 publication date:Dec. 2017
Applying the Deming Cycle Perspective on Pre-service Training Mechanism for Novice Professional and School Counselors in Elementary and Secondary School Settings
    Author:Pei-Shan Lee, Yu-Hsien Sung, Li-Fei Wang, & Zuway-R Hong
Research Article


This study applied the Deming Cycle perspective on evaluating pre-service training mechanism for novice school counselors. First, a pilot study and field observations were conducted. Then, seven experts were purposively interviewed (Average relevant working = 20.3 years, SD = 11.1 years), adding up to 715 minutes of interview time. The result found that the current programs rarely conducted assessment and goal-setting, mixed different background participants, lack inspection for training results and curriculum planning, and need to strengthen system cooperation and learning gap. We suggested: (1)”Plan”- emphasize overall thinking and expert team, assess the needs of organizations and individuals, and set training objectives from learners and practitioners; (2)”Do” - establish a dedicated and single contact window, design two-track and blended-learning modules, flexible adjustment of curriculum structure and use case teaching methods; (3) "Check" - Strengthen training program and effectiveness; (4) "Act" - develop a standardized mechanism and create a progressive cycle.

Keywords: Deming Cycle, pre-service training mechanism, Student Guidance and Counseling Act

Evolutions of the National Curriculum Assessment in England and Its Implications for the Assessment of the 12-year Basic Education Curriculum in Taiwan


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