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Volume 24Number 2 publication date:Dec. 2011
On the Experiences of Infusing Issues of New Immigrants Into a Community College Curriculum:A Case Study of a Civic Journalists Workshop
    Author:Min-Hsiung Hsu
Research Article


This research adopted a case study approach, where data was collected  through unstructured interviews and checklists, to investigate the implementation process of infusing issues of new immigrants into a civic journalists workshop and to explore its impacts on participants’ media skills and intercultural understanding abilities in a community college. Basically, the educational goals of community college were "knowledge liberation and civil society development". By using instructional strategies based on three kinds of infusion principles, this three-month curriculum was designed to provide training in media skills and cultivate in-depth understanding about the living conditions of new immigrants.Twelve participants (11 of whom were women) attended the class where they meet 3 hours every two weeks. The educational backgrounds of these participants range from having a college degree to ones who are elementary school graduates. Theresults of this study shows that infusion curriculum indeed helped the learners raise intercultural understanding and media skills, and the instructor was allowed to improve her professional knowledge and competence about infusion curriculum design. Based on these findings, some suggestions were proposed for further infusion curriculum implementation and research.

Keywords: community college, intercultural understanding, media skills,infusion curriculum

An Action Research of Curriculum Planning and Implementation of Media Literacy Education for the 6th Grade Students


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