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Volume 21Number 1 publication date:March 2008
Draw Me a Star:Weaving a Dense and Intimate Web of Literature
    Author:Min-Ling Tsai & Fang-Wei Tai
Research Article


 Inspired by a picture book, the lollipop class of kindergarten children and their teacher (the second author) collaboratively made a special gift for the first author on Teacher’s day. As moved by the affective bonds between the two teachers and the children on account of a love for reading, the two authors looked back and described how this dense and intimate web of literature had been woven together with young children. First of all, the way the class read, explored and responded to picture books were introduced through a preliminary analysis of the second author’s web-log records of the discussion, the records of children’s favorite books and the first author’s observation notes. Secondly, the second author described how this kind of reading life was created in this classroom. Thirdly, the first author discussed the necessity of sharing lollipop class’ reading life, the substantial meaning such a reading life had on the construction of language learning indices, the limitations of such a reading life, and the dynamics resulting from the two teacher’s reflection and self-reflection on and via web-log writing in the teaching practices. Lastly, the possible meanings of the images, sounds and senses of picture books existing comfortably in these young children’s classroom lives were again pondered upon. Some examples of these children’s responses to picture books revealed how deep young children were able to appreciate literary works and how unforgettable a memory reading could bring along when it was interwoven with people’s feelings and their lives.

Keywords: young children’s literature, literary response, the discussion on picture books


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