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Volume 21Number 2 publication date:Sep. 2008
A Preliminary Study on the Status Quo and Difficulties of the Secondary Education in Lanyu Island
    Author:Chuan-Rong Yeh, Wei-Chi Chung, & Chio-Wei Hong
Research Article


There is a great difference in ethnicity and culture between Lanyu Island and Taiwan. Apart from its isolation from the outside world, the educational environment and the choices in schooling are very different from those in Taiwan. This study selected Lanyu high schools as its subjects and adopted document analysis and interview as the methods to explore the current practices in education in Lanyu, and the rebirth and transformation brought about by the present national education system and cultural crush. The study concludes that: first, Taiwanese education system has greatly neglected the influence of geological location on Lanyu’s education. Secondly, the sources and quality of teachers greatly impacted the enforcement of educational policies. Finally, there is a paradoxical relationship between education and Lanyu’s local culture. We also proposed six suggestions for the excellent educators to turn the limitations between social structures and spaces in Lanyu Island into the vital spark for the future.

Keywords: aboriginal education, Lanyu education (Botel Tobago education), Lanyu high school, multiple entrance schemes


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