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Volume 22Number 1 publication date:Jun. 2009
The Relations Among Future Time Perspective, Achievement Goal, and Adaptive Learning Behavior of Taiwanese Vocational High School Students
    Author:Chi-Chau Lin
Research Article


The purpose of this study was to examine the relations among future time perspective, achievement goal, and learning behavior of Taiwanese vocational high school students. The mediating effects of the individual’s achievement goal on the relations between future time perspective and adaptive learning behaviors were also explored. Eight hundred and thirty students participated in this study. Multivariate analyses and path analyses were employed. Results showed there were both gender and subject major affect future connection and help-seeking behaviors. Path analyses showed that future connect influenced students’ help-seeking and insisting behavior both directly as well as indirectly through the mediation of performance-approach goals. In Addition, future value had a positive impact on students’ help-seeking behaviors indirectly through the mediation of the three kinds of achievement goals. Moreover, future value affects students’ help-seeking behaviors both directly as well as indirectly through the three kinds of achievement goal. Implications for education were discussed and suggestions for future study were also proposed.

Keywords: future time perspective, achievement goal, adaptive learning behavior

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