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Volume 25Number 1 publication date:Jun. 2012
The Application of Single-Session Web-Based Counseling Model to College Internet Addicts:Changes of Symptoms and Effectiveness
    Author:Yun-Ming Chang, Chih-Hung Wang, Yen-Ju Chen, & Chun-Feei Yang
Research Article


This research employed a multiple case study approach to explore the experiences of two college Internet addicts who participated in a single session web-based counseling. The Chen Internet Addiction Scale was used to measure the symptoms of Internet addiction during the counseling session and again in a follow-up session to record changes. In-depth interviews were conducted to collect the participants’ experiences of online counseling. The data were coded, reread and interpreted. After establishing inter-coder reliability, the researchers developed a coding framework. Results indicated that Single Session Counseling Model was effective in making positive changes in Internet addicts. Physically, the participants were no longer fatigued and returned to regular living; cognitively, they changed from self-blame to self-confidence; emotionally, they changed from anxiety to calmness; and behaviorally, they changed from out-of-control to autonomy. Single Session Counseling Model strategies that were helpful in alleviating the symptoms of Internet addiction were: (1) Affirm the participants’ help-seeking behavior and develop their courage for dealing with problems; (2) Promote the participants’ self-awareness and cognition of the negative impact of Internet addiction; (3) Enhance the participants’ perception of life meaning and develop their confidence in achieving life goal; (4) Assist the participants in developing alternative activities and accumulating positive changes; and, (5) After counseling termination, use the follow-up session to remind the participants of lessons learned during counseling.

Keywords: cybercounseling, internet addiction, Single Session Counseling Model

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