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Volume 25Number 2 publication date:Dec. 2012
A Study on Developing Exemplary Science Teachers’ Professional Development Evaluation Indicators and a Weighting System for Taiwanese Science Teachers in Elementary Schools
    Author:Wen-Hsuan Peng, Lung-Fei Lin, & Ching-Chi Chen
Research Article


The research aims to construct an indicator for exemplary science teachers’ professional development and to explore which capabilities are to be possessed by exemplary science teachers in primary schools based on the perspectives maintained by science teachers with different backgrounds (science teachers prior-to and under employment in primary schools as well as professors in pre-service training institutions). By employing the Delphi Technique, the research establishes its indicator and compiles the "dimensions" in the indicator into a weighted survey to study the dimensional differences among science teachers’ perspectives. Purposive sampling was adopted as science teachers are invited to rate the degrees of importance for items listed in the questionnaire and 161 valid questionnaires are collected and ranked based on the dimensional importance. Alternative Analytic Hierarchy Process (A-AHP) is applied to calculate the weight distribution so that the differences among raters of various backgrounds and the resulting overall capacities identified can be compared. The results of the research show that“classroom management and lab management”, “professional teaching skills,” and “expertise related to science” are the most important capabilities for a science teacher according to the viewpoints shared by science teachers of different backgrounds. The weight analysis results show that the overall capabilities of an exemplary science teacher may be determined by their professional teaching skills which accounts for the highest weight (20.22%) of the overall capabilities, followed by science expertise (16.13%), and the classroom and lab management (16.13%).

Keywords: Alternative Analytic Hierarchy Process (A-AHP), Delphi Method,

An Exploration of the Professional Development of a Science Teacher Through Structured Reflection


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