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Volume 24Number 2 publication date:Dec. 2011
An Action Research of Curriculum Planning and Implementation of Media Literacy Education for the 6th Grade Students
    Author:Mei-Ying Chien
Research Article


The implementation of media literacy education in schools should be directed towards developing students’ understanding of the different types of media while providing them with opportunities for personal reflection on the content and effects of media. An action research was carried out with a group of grade-6 students and their teacher at one elementary school to evaluate the teacher’s teaching and students’ learning about media. Multiple methods of data collection were used for the purpose of triangulation, including research diary, classroom observations and field-notes taking, teacher’s reflective feedback, semi-structured tape-recorded interviews with the teacher, group video-recorded interviews with the students, questionnaires, and documents. Based on the research findings, conclusions in two respects were given on evaluating the impact of adopting a mutual collaborative mode in the conduction of this action research. 1. Mutual feedback and curriculum planning: the on-going mutual feedback between the teacher and the researcher had helped the teacher develop specific skills of integrating media into topic teaching and reflection on media use. The students had also benefited from learning the media including the development of a better understanding of media and their use. 2. Equal status and teaching limitations: the researcher’s concerns over sustaining equal status to lessen the teacher’s tension had, to some extent, limited our mutual feedback on the teaching process. Therefore, there should have been more substantive dialogues between the teacher and the students, and the critical thinking skills of students should also have been elicited and developed.

Keywords: media literacy education, topic teaching, critical thinking, action research

High School Students’ Historical Concepts, Attitudes Toward History Learning, and Historical Critical Thinking Disposition


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