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Volume 24Number 2 publication date:Dec. 2011
Applying Kano Model to a Case University for Teaching Quality Improvement
    Author:Yuan-Ning Chang
Research Article


While evaluation practice of higher education gradually emphasizes students’ learning outcomes, universities must focus on excellent teaching quality to provide students the necessary and innovative teaching and learning activities, since teaching quality is the key strategy in higher education institutions and the emphasis of educational reform in the world. This study first explored teaching quality and Kano’s two-dimensional quality model by documentary analysis. Second, the study applied the Kano model to classify teaching quality elements into five quality attributes, and analyzed students’ different classifications for teaching quality elements in S University of Technology. Third, combining a refined Kano model and IS model, the study investigated strategies of teaching quality improvement. Last, according to research conclusions, the study provided suggestions for management practices in S University of Technology and future researches for assessing teaching quality.

Keywords: Kano’s two-dimensional quality model, teaching quality, University of Technology


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