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Volume 23Number 1 publication date:Jun. 2010
Development of Expert’s Conception and Problem Situation Questionnaire in High School Nanotechnology Curriculum
    Author:Chow-Chin Lu & Chia-Chi Sung
Research Article


To understand the achievement of high school nanotechnology curriculum in the “Nanotechnology Human Resource Development Program” and to analyze high-school student’s knowledge of nanotechnology conception in Taiwan, this research developed an expert concept map, declarative knowledge statements and a situated questionnaire for high school nanotechnology curriculum by conducting focus group interviews with experts in nanotechnology, science education and high-school nanotechnology teachers. Content validity was confirmed by specialist sub-group’s review. The results were: 1. the high school “Nanotechnology” expert concept map includes three main domains: Cognitive, affection and skills development. Concepts in each domain are from general to specific, and examples are used to clarify these conception. 2. High school nanotechnology statement transform expert concepts map into declarative knowledge statement, emphasizing the meaning between scientific terms and increasing science principles description. 3. The expert concept map and declarative knowledge statements are transferred into a high school nanotechnology problem situation questionnaire, which contained 17 proposition situation. First, we ask students to read the “proposition situation”, and then answer one to three open-ended questions. 4. The situated questionnaire was administered and the responses collected from the students serve as a reference for the Two-Tier Diagnostic Test, and also serves as data for teacher´s future study.

Keywords: nanotechnology, concept map, declarative knowledge statement, problem situation questionnaire, focus group interview

A Study of Implementation Process and Results of the “Hand-in-Hand Project:Education Support for Disadvantaged Child”


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