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Volume33 (8)

Number 1 (4) Number 2 (4)
   Editor’s Notes | publication date:Dec. 2020

【Research Article】

 Artificial Intelligence in Practice: Conversation-Based Intelligent Tutoring System Conducts Research on Japanese Remedial Teaching
     Author:Chih-Ling Chia* & Cheng-Hsuan Li
Research Article

 A Transnational Study on the Contribution of the Education, Land, Physical Capital, Labor, and Unemployment Ratio to Economic Development
     Author:Fang-Chung Chang*
Research Article

【Literature Review】

 The Dialectical Return of Vocational Teacher Education Model in Germany
     Author:Yuan-Chuan Chang*
Literature Review

【Research Note】

 Interview Notes and Reflections on Visits of Two Alternative Schools in Germany - a Jenaplan School and a Montessori School
     Author:Hsiao-Wen Yu*
Research Note


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